Jaka to melodia?

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Jaka to melodia?
Directed byMarek Bik
Presented byRobert Janowski (1997–2018)
Jacek Borkowski[note 1] (2001)
Norbi (2018–2019)
Rafał Brzozowski (2019–)
Country of origin Poland
Original language(s)Polish
No. of seasons23
No. of episodes4,234[note 2]
Running time25 minutes (usual)
42 minutes (specials)
Original networkTVP1
Picture format4:3 (1997–2010)
16:9 (since 2011)
HDTV (since September 2017)
Original release4 September 1997 –
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Jaka to melodia? (meaning “What Melody Is It?”) is the Polish variation of the classic game show Name That Tune, running every year since 1997 on TVP1. The show is noted for frequently interrupting game play to feature performances of the songs guessed either by the host or by other singers, all accompanied by a live band. Songs can be in either Polish or English, so all contestants ought to be bilingual in order to play.

The program is hosted by Rafał Brzozowski, a singer.


Round 1[edit]

Three players compete for cash. They are shown five artists, each starting at 100 PLN. The value increases by 10 PLN until it reaches 200 PLN if no one correctly identifies the song. The first person to buzz in and name that tune wins the cash value shown. Play continues until all five artists are used. Control is determined by the person who gave the last correct answer, and begins with the player in the middle. Whenever no correct guess occurs, the person to the right of the person who gave the last correct answer (or first person if the third player gave the last correct answer) originally selected the next artist. This was later changed to so that the one who gave the last correct answer would always pick the next artist if no guess occurred.

Round 2[edit]

Same as Round 1, except the cash value for each artist starts at 200 zlotys and counts down by 10 zlotys from 200 to 100. At the end of this round, the third-place contestant is eliminated from gameplay, but keeps their cash and also wins a set of chocolates. Tie-breakers are used if the two low scores are equal.

Round 3[edit]

Similar to the Bid-a-Note round from the American Name That Tune, six artists are shown although only five are in play, and clues are given. Each player alternates between topic selector and note guesser. The player in first place selects the first topic. The other player asks for how many notes they need from one to seven, and the pianist plays those notes. If the note guesser gets the tune right, he/she wins 200 zlotys. If not, the topic selector wins 200 zlotys. Play alternates between players until five artists are used, or until one player wins 600 zlotys. The person with the biggest grand total at the end wins and goes on to the final round. The other player leaves with their cash and chocolates.

The rules later changed so that the players could bid back and forth as to how few notes they needed, although bidding one note automatically means the player has to guess. Play is still to 600 zlotys, though, and this is added to the grand total to determine the winner.

Round 4[edit]

Identical to the Golden Medley from the American Name That Tune. The player has 30 seconds to guess seven tunes. Each tune named awards 250 zlotys. If all seven are guessed, the player wins an additional 10,000 zlotys. Players hit their buzzer to stop the clock. They can pass on any tunes and come back if time permits, for one incorrect title ends the game automatically.

If time expires, the host acts as if the buzzer is pressed, and the player is allowed to guess the title if they know it (unlike the American show).


In the first three rounds, Janowski will occasionally call for a performance of the tune just guessed, always done only after a correct answer. This is used to fill the time since there are no commercials. Because of this, the show begins after the titles with a performance, and a performance happens during the credits. Janowski himself will sometimes provide the vocals. Other performances involve the actual artists themselves (one 2012 episode had Basia performing her hit song Baby, You're Mine after a celebrity contestant guessed the title).


  1. ^ Standing in for Janowski for six episodes in April 2001.
  2. ^ As of January 6, 2020, including this day’s episode.