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For those with the same or a similar name, see Jake Hansen (disambiguation).
Jake Hanson
Grant Show as Jake Hanson
Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise character
Portrayed by Grant Show
Duration 1992–97
First appearance Beverly Hills, 90210:
April 30, 1992
(episode 2.27: "Mexican Standoff")
Last appearance Melrose Place:
May 19, 1997
(episode 5.34: "Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward?")
Created by Darren Star
Occupation Carpenter
Motorcycle shop owner
Owner of Shooters
Residence Formerly:
4616 Melrose Place, apt. 1
West Hollywood, California

Jake Hanson is a fictional character in the American television series Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. Portrayed by Grant Show, Jake Hanson appeared in the first five seasons of Melrose Place. He also appeared in two episodes of the second season of Beverly Hills, 90210 and the pilot of "Models Inc." ("Melrose place" first spin-off).


Jake Hanson lived in Ellensburg, Washington before he moved to Melrose Place in Los Angeles. He was considered a bad-boy biker type. He opened his own shop with the help of Jo Reynolds, who could be considered his great love. The two had on again off again romances. Jo ended up dating Jess Hanson, Jake's out of control older brother. In the midst of this relationship, Jo was beat up by Jess and left for dead in the long run. Jake came tried to talk to Jo, but Jess only hired men to kill his brother. The ending result was that Jake ended up killing his brother. Jake had numerous relationships with Melrose Place residents, including most of the female regulars (Sandy, Jo, Amanda, Sydney, Jane, Alison). His bike shop ended up burning down, and later he bought Shooters, which remained as the Melrose gang's hangout.

Allison and Jake actually got married and after a miscarriage attempts to adopt a child. However, the child services department felt that a father who owns a bar and a mother who was a former alcoholic were not a safe place to entrust a child and they are denied. Alison, who has no interest in being a mother, despite having previously miscarried Jake's child, fools Jake into thinking she has fallen off the wagon so that he reunites with the mother of his long-lost child, and they leave town separately.

Though good-natured, Jake, like most members of the Hanson family, was also shown to have a tough side. He was occasionally prone to getting in physical fights-usually in defense of others. Several moments throughout the series show him successfully standing up for people.

It was revealed during Melrose Place's first season that he had a romantic history with the feisty Sandy Harling, with the two ultimately deciding that they were better off as friends. Following Sandy's departure, Jake was eventually paired with sensitive tough girl Jo Reynolds. He also discovered early on in the series that he had a son named David with ex-girlfriend Colleen Patterson. Both Colleen and David would appear again at later points.

On Beverly Hills, 90210[edit]

Jake was the carpenter hired to help Mel and Jackie for their wedding. Becomes a love interest for Kelly Taylor (the two visit both Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place in hopes of linking the two shows together). While their attraction was openly mutual at first, Jake ultimately resisted because Kelly was not yet out of high school.

It is revealed that Dylan and Jake go way back. In fact, Dylan claims that Jake taught him how to surf as well as how to pick up girls.

Love life[edit]

The romantic relationship between Jake and Sydney

Jake is known for being a womanizer as he hooked up with nearly every female occupant of Melrose. He had a torrid fling with Amanda Woodward. He had relationships with Sydney Andrews, heroically aiding and defending her, and had subsequent relationships with Jane Mancini and Alison Parker. Jo, however, became the woman he was mostly connected to, though they would eventually remain friends.

Final appearance[edit]

After selling Shooters, Jake left the series in the fifth season following a reunion with his ex-girlfriend, Colleen, moving away to live with her and their son. In the new series, it was shown that Michael had a file on him.