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Jambo (Osibisa album).jpg
Compilation album by Osibisa
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Afro-pop
Length 47:07
Label Soundwings Records
Osibisa chronology
Ayiko Bia

Jambo is an unauthorized compilation album by British Afro-pop band Osibisa released in 1992 by Soundwings Records (MC-102.1079-2) and distributed by Serenade S.A., Barcelona, Spain. This album is a re-release of 1989 vinyl album Movement issued by German label in-akustik, in-akustik under 89021 LP catalog number.

The title comes from "Jambo!" a greeting in the Swahili language.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Ko Ko Rio Ko" Osei, Tontoh, Masekele, Kabaka 3:53
2. "Pata Pata" Makeba, Ragovoy, Osei 5:47
3. "The Lion’s Walk" Osei, Tontoh 4:59
4. "Inkosi Sikeleli Africa" Osei, Tontoh 4:35
5. "Mouvements" Tontoh, Brikett 4:38
6. "Drums 2001 Carnival" Osei, Tontoh, Amarfio, Adams 3:33
7. "Jambo" Osei 4:03
8. "Life" Osei, Tontoh 3:41
9. "Happy Feeling Rhymes" Osei, Tontoh, Amarfio, Adams 2:31
10. "Living, Loving Feeling" Osei, Amarfio, Tontoh 5:25
11. "Survival" Osei, Tontoh 4:02
Total length: 47:07

Original release[edit]

Original 1989 LP release by in-akustik, in-akustik

Side A:

  1. Ko Ko Rio Ko
  2. Pata Pata
  3. The Lion’s Walk
  4. Inkosi Sikeleli Africa

Side B:

  1. Movements
  2. Drums 2001 Carnival
  3. Jambo
  4. Life
  5. Happy Feeling Rhymes


  • All information gathered from back CD cover Jambo (Copyright © 1992 Soundwings Records MC-102.1079-2).
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