Jann of the Jungle

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Not to be confused with Jana of the Jungle.
Jann of the Jungle
Jann of the Jungle #10 (March 1956)
Cover art by Vince Colletta; background inking by Al Williamson
Publication information
Publisher Atlas Comics
First appearance Jungle Tales #1 (Sept. 1954)
Created by Don Rico
Jay Scott Pike
In-story information
Abilities Skilled fighter

Jann of the Jungle is a fictional comic book jungle girl protagonist from Atlas Comics.

Publication history[edit]

Jann was created by writer Don Rico and artist Jay Scott Pike in the anthology title Jungle Tales #1 (Sept. 1954), published by Marvel Comics' 1950s predecessor, Atlas Comics.[1]

Jann of the Jungle is really Jane Hastings, a circus trapeze artist and animal trainer. When she comes to the jungle as a stunt double for the female star of an adventure movie, the natives on the set acclaim her as 'Jann'. Many years ago, a white woman was the friend and protector of the Africans but she met a white man who was a lion hunter and left with him. This was Jane Hastings' grandmother. Feeling at home in the verdure, Jane decides to stay on as the new 'Jann of the Jungle'. Cinematographer/photographer Pat Mahoney stays too, to watch over the new Jann.[2]

Jungle Tales was renamed Jann of the Jungle starting with issue #8 (Nov. 1955). The series continued to issue #17 (June 1957).

Since then, the character has made a handful of appearances, among them a non-canonical, alternate history story in What If #9 (June 1978).


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