Japan Breeding farms' Cup Sprint

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Japan Breeding farms' Cup Sprint
Domestic Grade I (JpnⅠ) race
Location Changes yearly
Inaugurated 2001
Race type Thoroughbred Flat racing
Race information
Distance Changes yearly
Surface Dirt
Qualification 3-y-o & Up
Weight 3-y-o horses & geldings 55kg/mares 53kg
4-y-o & up horses & geldings 57kg / mares 55 kg
Purse ¥102,000,000 (2011 Running)

Japan Breeding farms' Cup Sprint (ジャパンブリーディングファームズカップスプリント) is an annual race held on "JBC day", which is usually November 3, or the national holiday Culture Day. This race and the JBC Classic were started in 2001. These were established following the American Breeders' Cup.

The winner of 2007, Fujino Weave, is the only JBC champion horse belonging to NAR, the organization supervising horseracing administrated by the local government. Others belong to the JRA.

This is the one of the highest prized sprint races. Although JBC Classic tends to be regarded as preparatory for Japan Cup Dirt, this race occupies the position as “dirt sprint championship”. That is why there is no grade I sprint or mile race until February Stakes in the next year.

JBC races are held on various tracks, so its distance is changed yearly like the JBC Classic. For details, see the table below. It will be held at the Kawasaki Racecourse in 2012.


2001 Nobo Jack 4 Masayoshi Ebina Hideyuki Mori Ikehata Ltd. 1:11.1 Oi 1,200 meters
2002 Starring Rose 5 Yuichi Fukunaga Shuji Kitahashi Kyouei Ltd. 1:11.4 Morioka 1,200 meters
2003 South Vigorous 7 Yoshitomi Shibata Yoshiyasu Takahashi Hisashi Namba 1:09.7 Oi 1,190 meters
2004 Meiner Select 5 Yutaka Take Hitoshi Nakamura Thoroughbred Club Ruffian 1:10.6 Oi 1,200 meters
2005 Blue Concord 5 Hideaki Miyuki Toshiyuki Hattori Ogifushi Racing Club. 1:25.3 Nagoya 1,400 meters
2006* Blue Concord 6 Hideaki Miyuki Toshiyuki Hattori Ogifushi Racing Club. 1:39.6 Kawasaki 1,600 meters
2007 Fujino weave 5 Norifumi Mikamoto Saburou Takahashi Taishi Sogo Planning 1:11.0 Oi 1,200 meters
2008 Bamboo Yell 5 Masami Matsuoka Akio Adachi Bamaoo Bokujyo Ltd. 1:25.6 Sonoda 1,400 meters
2009 Suni 3 Yuga Kawada Naohiro Yoshida Kazumi Yoshida. 1:25.9 Nagoya 1,400 meters
2010 Summer Wind 5 Yusuke Fujioka Yasushi Shono Hidaka Breeders Union 0:57.6 Funabashi 1,000 meters
2011 Suni 5 Yuga Kawada Naohiro Yoshida Kazumi Yoshida. 1:10.1 Oi 1,200 meters
  • This race was held as JBC Mile.