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Jeff Nesbit is an American author. His novel Perfect Ambition is the first of a three-book series surrounding the rise of a powerful political dynasty in American politics. His novel Peace begins the day that Israel decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, and explores what might happen next. Nesbit is the author of 20 novels such as The Insider, Ryun's Story and The Sioux Society with Tyndale, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Hodder & Stoughton, Harold Shaw (now part of Random House) and Victor Books (now David C. Cook).

He was former Vice President Dan Quayle's communications director at the White House, and a senior public affairs official in the U.S. Senate and federal agencies such as the FDA. Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler credited Nesbit with convincing the FDA to regulate the tobacco industry in the early 1990s ("A Question of Intent"). Nesbit was also a national journalist with Knight-Ridder, ABC News' (now defunct) Satellite News Channels, nationally syndicated columnist Jack Anderson and others, and managed his own public affairs consulting company. He also served as the Director of the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs at the National Science Foundation.

He and Ramona Tucker co-founded OakTara Publishers, an inspirational fiction publishing house, in 2006.


The Capital Crew Series[edit]

High Sierra Adventure Series[edit]

  1. The Legend of the Great Grizzly
  2. Cougar Chase
  3. Setting the Trap
  4. Mountaintop Rescue