Helena of Hungary, Queen of Croatia

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Helen of Hungary
Zaruke hrvatskog kralja Zvonimira Celestin Medović.JPG
Betrothal of King Zvonimir, by Mato Celestin Medović
Queen consort of Croatia
Tenure 1075 – Ca. 1089
Died C. 1091
Issue Radovan, Klaudija, Vinica
House Árpád dynasty
Father Béla I of Hungary
Mother Richeza of Poland

Helen of Hungary, also known as Helen the Fair (Croatian: Jelena Lijepa; Hungarian: Ilona) (d. 1091), was a queen consort of Croatia.


Helen was born as a Hungarian princess and was the daughter of Árpád dynasty's king Bela I, sister to Ladislaus I of Hungary, granddaughter of Polish king Mieszko II Lambert, and a great-granddaughter of Tsar Samuel of Bulgaria.


Helen became queen of Croatia during her marriage with Croatian king Dmitar Zvonimir, a distant relative whom she married in 1063. They had a son named Radovan,[1] who died in his late teens or early twenties, and daughters named Claudia[2] and Vinica.[3]

Helen had excellent family connections, being an aunt to Irene, the mother of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos.

Helen was very popular with the Croats, and they often called her Jelena Lijepa ("Helen the Beautiful"). She is thought to have been an influential consort.

Upon the death of Zvonimir, Helen was said to have been quietly plotting the inheritance of the Croatian Crown for her brother, the King of Hungary, which caused a decade of war and instability in the kingdom. Helen died around 1091.[4]

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Royal titles
Title last held by
Hicela Orseolo
as last known queen
Queen consort of Croatia
Title next held by
Felicia of Sicily
as next known queen


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