Jennings J-22

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Jennings J-22
Type blowback semi-automatic
Place of origin California USA
Production history
Designed 1970s -1990s
Manufacturer Jimenez Arms
Unit cost 100$
Variants j22. J25. Ja22
Weight 12 Ounce [1]
Length 4.9375[1]
Barrel length 2.5 in (63.5 mm)[1]
Width 0.5 in
Height 3inch or 7.5cm

Cartridge 22lr
Caliber .22 LR[1]
Effective firing range short range pocket pistol (25 yards)
Feed system 6 round single stack magazine
Sights fixed

The Jennings J-22 was produced by the Jennings corporation in California in the 1980s and 1990s. It was an inexpensive .22 LR caliber (J-22) and .25 ACP caliber (J-25)[2] zinc alloy slide and frame. The latter models by Bryco were made of Zamak.[3]

The pistol is blowback operated and striker fired.[4] It came with a six-round magazine.[5] A 2001 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives publication warned that the pistol is "extremely dangerous" when dropped, with the "potential for serious injury", due to an insufficient gap between the trigger bar and the sear.[6] The factory manual advised carrying the gun with the chamber empty.

Bryco Arms, Jennings' parent company, declared bankruptcy in 2003, and was subsequently purchased by the company's former foreman Paul Jimenez. After renaming the company Jimenez Arms, the J-22 and J-25 were rechristened as the JA-22 and JA-25 respectively.


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