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Jeremy Taylor is a writer, editor and publisher who was born in England and has lived and worked in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean since 1971.[1]


Taylor attended The King's School, Ely. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Cambridge (1962–65), and then a Master of Arts and Diploma in Education from Makerere University in Uganda (1966–67).[2] In Trinidad, he taught at Fatima College before starting as a freelance journalist with several local international publications.[3] He established his own publishing company Media and Editorial Projects Limited in 1991.

For several years, Taylor was a regular Caribbean Correspondent for the BBC and The Times (London), a radio commentator at Radio Trinidad and Radio 95.1FM in Trinidad, a writer and presenter at the now defunct AVM Television and Trinidad & Tobago Television (TTT),[4] and a regular columnist for the Trinidad and Tobago Express, Trinidad Guardian,[5] Catholic News, and Nealco News. Canada-based journalist Jai Parasram, referring to Taylor's days as a regular newspaper and television critic, called Taylor "the number one television critic of the time".[4] Additionally, Taylor contributed to a number of international print and radio organisations, including The Observer (London), The Sunday Times, The New York Times,[6] Encyclopædia Britannica,[7] World Book Encyclopaedia, the CBC (Toronto), National Public Radio (Washington), CANA (Caribbean News Agency), and The New Internationalist.[8]

In 1991, he co-founded Media and Editorial Projects Limited (MEP); he started its book imprint, Prospect Press, in 1994. He serves as Managing Director,[9] and is either Editor or Consulting Editor on its publications. He also is a regular contributor to MEP's magazines: Caribbean Review of Books, Caribbean Beat and Discover Trinidad and Tobago.

Taylor was the Founding Secretary of the Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET), from 2000 to 2002).[10] He was among the founding members of the organising committee for the first Bocas LitFest, the Trinidad & Tobago literary festival, in April/May 2011.[11]


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