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Jewish Sharab (Arabic: اليهود من شراب والسلام‎‎, Al- Yahud al- Sharab as' Salam) is a district in Yemen where formerly a large Jewish community settled, located north of the city of Taiz,[1] in the Taiz Governorate, Yemen. The community is believed to have existed in Yemen as early as circa 130 CE until its demise around 1940. It was considered one of the most illustrious places of Jewish settlement in Yemen. Many distinguished Jewish personalities were born there, including the rabbis Shalom Sharabi, Mordechai Sharabi and Shalom Shabazi. It was an important place of Torah learning, and home to many Yeshivot and schools. It had a population of over 10,000 Jews and was a major industrial centre of Yemen, where goldsmiths' work, weaving, commerce, silk trading and shoemaking were the main industries of the day. The Sharabi Jews have a slightly different pronunciation than most other Yemenite Jews.