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Johan Camitz
Born 1961/1962
Stockholm, Sweden
Died (aged 38)
Manhattan, New York, United States
Cause of death Accident
Occupation Director

Johan Camitz (June 29, 1962 – August 10, 2000) was a Swedish director of music videos and advertisements.


Camitz studied law and worked for several years as a sculptor. He eventually was given the opportunity for a Diesel commercial. He later worked for Propaganda Films and shot commercials for Volkswagen, Diesel, and Nike. For his advertising work, he won a silver D&AD award,[1] two gold Clio Awards, and three gold and a silver award at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.[2] Among other notable music video collaborations, Camitz directed the Spice Girls first music video for their hit single "Wannabe".[3]

In August 2000, after a night out with friends and colleagues in Manhattan, Camitz was hit by a SUV and died at St. Vincents Hospital Medical Center several hours later. The freakish accident made worldwide headlines since the man behind the wheel had died from a gunshot wound while driving the SUV that killed Camitz. Ivory Davis, who was parked in front of Club NV, a nightclub on the corner of Spring Street and Hudson Street in Manhattan, attempted to drive away from the scene after purportedly being shot by Damion Hardy of the Cash Money Brothers Gang. Cash Money Brothers Gang targeted Davis because he was a rival drugdealer and because his nephew, Rumel Davis, shot and killed Damion Hardy's brother, Myron Hardy. After being shot, Davis lost control of his vehicle and drove up on the sidewalk, striking and killing an innocent Camitz. Davis subsequently died from his gunshot wounds.[4] The tragedy occurred as Camitz was crossing the street on his way to his apartment in Soho.[2]


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