The Power of Shower

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The Power of Shower
The Power of Shower.jpg
Studio album by Crazy Loop
Released December 2, 2007
Genre Dance, Pop, Eurodance
Length 43:17
Label MediaPro Music
Producer Dan Bălan
Crazy Loop chronology
The Power of Shower
The Remixes

The Power of Shower is the only full-length studio album from Dan Bălan's Crazy Loop act. The album was released on December 2, 2007.[1] He is best known for being part of the O-Zone pop band.

The album is produced by himself and features his hit single "Crazy Loop". The album features a mix of both dance and rock songs in English, Romanian and one in Japanese.

His hit single "Mm-ma-ma" had a CD single release in March 2008.

The second single off the album is "Joanna (Shut Up!)". The video was released in the summer of 2008.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mm-ma-ma" — 3:35
  2. "Joanna (Shut Up!)" — 3:40
  3. "Love Is a Simple Thing" — 3:09
  4. "Uh-Ahh-Yeah" — 3:26
  5. "Famikon" — 2:34
  6. "Tango" — 3:28
  7. "Take Me Higher" — 3:38
  8. "Despre Tine Cant (Part 2)" — 4:05
  9. "The 24th Letter" — 4:43
  10. "Mm-ma-ma (DJ Ross Radio Club Edit)" — 3:54
  11. "Mm-ma-ma (The Age Of Steam Remix)" — 3:20
  12. "Joanna (Shut Up!) (Radio Edit Alternative Option)" — 3:46


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