Joan of Armagnac

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Joan of Armagnac
Duchess of Berry
Joahana Dcery.jpg
Joanna, John and their children
Spouse John, Duke of Berry
Issue Charles of Berry, Count of Montpensier
John of Berry, Count of Montpensier
Louis of Berry
Bonne, Countess of Savoy
Marie, Duchess of Auvergne
House House of Armagnac (by birth)
House of Valois (by marriage)
Father John I of Armagnac
Mother Beatrice of Clermont
Born 24 June 1346
Died 1387

Joan of Armagnac (French: Jeanne d'Armagnac; 24 June 1346 – 1387) was a French noblewoman of the Armagnac family, being the eldest daughter of Count John I of Armagnac and his wife Beatrice of Clermont. She became Duchess of Berry by her marriage to John, Duke of Berry.

Marriage and issue[edit]

She married John, Duke of Berry, son of John II of France and his first wife Bonne of Bohemia. Joanna and John had five children:

Her daughter, Marie was the mother of Bonne of Artois, second wife to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. Joanna's daughter, also called Bonne, was the mother of Antipope Felix V.