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Joe Hill (1879–1915) was the martyred Swedish-American labor activist and songwriter.

Joe Hill also may refer to:

Others given-named "Jo[e]" and surnamed "Hill[s]"[edit]

  • Joe Hills (1897–1969), English cricketer and umpire
  • Americans:
    • Joe Hill (alias of Joseph Graves Olney, 1849–1884), American rancher and outlaw
    • Blind Joe Hill (1937–1998), American blues singer, guitarist, harmonica player and drummer
    • Joe Michael Hill (Dusty Hill) (born 1949), American bassist associated with the band ZZ Top
    • Joe Hill (writer) (born 1972), pen name of American author Joseph Hillstrom King, son of author Stephen King
    • Joe Hills (American football) (born 1987), American football wide receiver
  • Australians:
    • Jo Hill (born 1973), Australian women's basketball player
    • Joe Hill (journalist), Australian television presenter associated with station ADS

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