Joel ibn Shu'aib

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Joel ibn Shu'aib (also "Shuiv") (15th century) was a rabbi, preacher, and commentator who was born in Aragon and lived also at Tudela. He wrote the following works:

  • Olat Shabbat, sermons, in the order of the Sabbatical sections, written in 1469 (Venice, 1577)
  • A commentary on Lamentations, written at Tudela in 1480, and published together with Galante's commentary on the same book (ib. 1483)
  • A commentary on Job, mentioned in his Olat Shabbat
  • A short commentary on Canticles (1556)
  • Nora Tehillot, a commentary on the Psalms, with a preface by his son Samuel (Salonica, 1568–1569).

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