John Alfred "Jack" Webb

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John Alfred "Jack" Webb
Born (1916-01-13)January 13, 1916
Los Angeles, California
Died February 12, 2008(2008-02-12) (aged 92)
Coronado, California
Nationality American
Occupation Writer

John Alfred "Jack" Webb (January 13, 1916 – February 12, 2008) was a mystery writer who often featured the detective team of Sammy Golden and Father Joseph Shanley. He should not be confused with Jack Webb (1920–1982), creator and star of Dragnet. He died in Coronado, California.


as Jack Webb[edit]

Sammy Golden & Joseph Shanley

  1. The Big Sin (Rinehart & Company, hardback, 1952)
  2. The Naked Angel aka Such Women Are Dangerous (Rinehart, hardback, 1953)
  3. The Damned Lovely (Rinehart, hardback, 1954)
  4. The Broken Doll (Rinehart, hardback, 1955)
  5. The Bad Blonde (Rinehart, hardback, 1956)
  6. The Brass Halo (Rinehart, hardback, 1957)
  7. The Deadly Sex (Rinehart, hardback, 1959)
  8. The Delicate Darling (Rinehart, hardback, 1959)
  9. The Gilded Witch (Regency Books, paberback original, 1963)


  • One for My Dame (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, hardback, 1961)
  • Make My Bed Soon (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, hardback, 1963)

pseudonym John Farr[edit]

  • Don't Feed the Animals (Abelard-Schuman, hardback, 1955) reissued as Naked Fear and Zoo Murders
  • She Shark (Ace Books, paperback, 1956) reissued in Australia as Murder Ship (Phantom Books, paperback, 1958)
  • The Lady and the Snake (Ace Books, paperback, 1957)
  • The Deadly Combo (Ace Books, paperback, 1958) double book edition together with J. Harvey Bond's Murder isn't Funny

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