John II, Lord of Egmond

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John II, Count of Egmond
Wapen van Egmont.svg
Coat of arms
Spouse(s) Maria van Arkel
Noble family House of Egmond
Father Arnold I
Mother Jolanthe of Leiningen
Born c. 1385
Died 4 January 1451(1451-01-04)

John II, Lord of Egmond (c. 1385 – 4 January 1451) was the son of Arnold I of Egmond (d. 9 April 1409, the son of John I and Guida D'Armstall) and Jolanthe of Leiningen (d. 24 April 1434, the daughter of Frederick VIII of Leningen and Jolanthe of Jülich). On 23 June 1409 John married Maria van Arkel daughter of John V van Arkel and Joanna of Jülich, and had two sons: