Johann IV, Count of Katzenelnbogen

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Johann IV, Count of Katzenelnbogen
Spouse(s) Anna of Katzelnbogen
Noble family House of Katzenelnbogen
Father Diether VIII, Count of Katzenelnbogen
Mother Elisabeth of Nassau-Wiesbaden
Died 1444

Johann IV, Count of Katzenelnbogen (died 1444) was one of the last members of the younger line of the Hessian House of Katzenelnbogen. He ruled the reunited County of Katzenelnbogen.

His father was Diether VIII, a count of Katzenelnbogen from the younger line of the House of Katzenelnbogen, and ruled mainly in Upper Katzenelnbogen. Johann's mother was Elisabeth, a daughter of Adolph I of Nassau-Wiesbaden (1307–1370).

In 1383, Johann IV married Anna of Katzenelnbogen, a distant cousin from the older line of Katzenelnbogen, and they had at least one son: Philipp I (1402–1479). Philipp I was the last male member of the House of Katzenelnbogen. He had two sons: Philipp II (1427–1453) and Eberhard (d. 1456), however, they both predeceased him. After Philipp I's death, his daughter Anna inherited the County, including Dornberg Castle, and so it fell to her husband, Henry III, Landgrave of Upper Hesse.

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