John Trevor (died 1410)

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For the first Bishop of St Asaph of this name, see John Trevor I.

John Trevor (Welsh Ieuan Trefor) (died April 10, 1410), or John Trevaur, was Bishop of St. Asaph in Wales before becoming nominal Bishop of St Andrews in Scotland. He was provided to the see of St Asaph on October 21, 1394. He was translated to St Andrews in 1408. As Bishop of St. Andrews, he was an anti-Bishop and never took possession of the see. This situation was the product of the Western Schism, in which the Scots supported the Avignon Popes, and so only candidates of the Avignon Popes could take possession of the see.

His original name was Ieuan, which he later anglicised to John and took on the surname Trevor. Trevor's brother Adda was married to the sister of Owain Glyndŵr, who appointed him as an ambassador to the French court.

He died in Rome.


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Religious titles
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Alexander Bache
Bishop of St. Asaph
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Preceded by
Thomas de Arundel
Anti-Bishop of St. Andrews
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