John Urquhart (politician)

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John Urquhart
John Urquhart.jpg
Ninth Mayor of Oakville
In office
Preceded by Geo. Andrew
Succeeded by G. Andrew
Personal details
Born 1844
Oakville, Ontario
Died December 17, 1933(1933-12-17) (aged 88–89)
Oakville, Ontario

John Urquhart (1844 – December 17, 1933)[1][2] was a medical doctor and mayor of Oakville, Ontario, Canada from 1888 to 1891.

At age sixteen, Urquhart ran away from home and worked as a sailor aboard Great Lakes ships.[3] He subsequently worked as a farmer before embarking on a medical career.[1] He studied at the Rolph School of Medicine in Toronto, University of Trinity College, and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.[1]

Urquhart served as mayor of Oakville for two terms from 1888 to 1891.[1][4]

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