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Selfportrait (date 1684)

John Zacharias (Zachary) Kneller, originally Johann Zacharias Kniller (15 December 1642, Lübeck – 1702, London), was a German Baroque painter active in England, best known as the brother of Sir Godfrey Kneller.[1] His youngest brother was organist Andreas Kneller.[2]


According to Houbraken he and his brother were born in Lübeck to the underkeeper of the church there.[3] They travelled widely through Italy, England, and the Netherlands, and though Johan Zacharias was a good painter of buildings and landscapes and small portrait works, he never achieved the fame of his brother, who had been a Rembrandt pupil.[3]

According to the RKD he was the older brother and assistant to Godfrey, who travelled to Italy with him during the years 1672-1675, and in 1676 moved to London with him.[4]


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