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Johannes Jeremias "Johs." Nesse (26 September 1891 – 1 June 1948) was a Norwegian newspaper editor.

He became an editor in Aftenposten in 1928, and was promoted to editor-in-chief in 1930.[1] In 1941, following the milk strike, Nesse was promptly fired together with Torolv Kandahl, but the occupying Nazi authorities who had taken control over Aftenposten. He was replaced with Henry Endsjø.[2] He was imprisoned at Møllergata 19 from 12 September to 24 September 1941.[3] He was reinstated after the Second World War in 1945 and remained editor-in-chief until his death.[1]


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Media offices
Preceded by
Knut Domaas
Chairman of the Norwegian Press Association
Succeeded by
Torolv Kandahl