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Jordan's IMAX in Reading, Massachusetts

The Sunbrella IMAX Theaters (formerly the Verizon IMAX Theaters) are two IMAX Digital 3D theaters located in Jordan's Furniture stores in Natick, Massachusetts and Reading, Massachusetts.

The theater in Natick was the first one to open in August 2002. It features a screen that is 76 feet wide by 55 feet high, 12,000 watt sound, 279 Tempur-Pedic seats, and digitally remastered Hollywood films.

After the success of the theater in Natick, they opened their second theater during October 2004 in Reading which includes many of the features of the Natick IMAX with a seating capacity of 500.[1]

The theaters were originally sponsored by Verizon Communications. In April 2011, the sponsorship with Verizon ended, and Tempurpedic took over the naming rights.[2] In October 2014, Sunbrella was named sponsor of Jordan’s Furniture IMAX theaters.[3]

In September 2012, both theaters removed their 15/70 Film projectors and replaced them with digital projectors.[4] In September 2015, Reading theater was upgraded to IMAX with 4K Laser projection system.[5] IMAX with Laser uses dual 4K Laser projection system.[6]

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