Jordan Gate Towers

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Jordan Gate Towers
Amman's Gate Towers.jpg
View of Jordan Gate Towers from West
General information
Status Under construction
Type High-class hotel and offices
Location Amman, Jordan
Coordinates 31°57′45″N 35°52′8″E / 31.96250°N 35.86889°E / 31.96250; 35.86889Coordinates: 31°57′45″N 35°52′8″E / 31.96250°N 35.86889°E / 31.96250; 35.86889
Construction started 2005
Cost $400 million
Owner Jordan Gate Company
Roof approximately 200 m (660 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 37-44
Design and construction
Developer Al-Bayan Holding Company
Main contractor Al-Hamad Contracting Company

Jordan Gate Towers is a high class commercial and residential project currently under construction in Amman, Jordan. The project consists of two high-rises that are connected by a multi-story podium, located on an elevated area in West Amman near the 6th Circle. The towers are one of the best known skyscrapers in the city, and will become the tallest structures in Amman upon completion.[1]

King Abdullah II laid foundation for the project in 2005 with the developers which include Bahrain's Gulf Finance House, the Kuwait Investment and Finance Company, Al-Bayan Holding Company and DTZ. To date it is still unknown how tall the towers will be with many estimating approximately 200 meters. The northern tower is 44 floors high hosting offices while the southern tower is 37 floors high and features a 531 room 5-star hotel operated by Hilton, thus becoming the largest hotel in Jordan. The multi-story podium will host a shopping mall, swimming pools, conference halls and restaurants.[2]

The project faced several incidents during its construction and was suspended for a period of 4 years between 2012 and 2016 due to problems between the contractor and the owner of the project following the Global financial crisis in 2009. Work resumed in 2016 and the whole project is expected to open by 2018.[3]


Jordan Gate Towers in 2007.
Jordan Gate Towers in 2009.


There have been three incidents since the beginning of the project in 2005.[4]

Fire and collapse[edit]

A fire broke out on the eighth story of the north tower in August 2006, but nobody was injured.[4] In September 2006, three stories of the north tower collapsed, killing four workers and injuring 15 others.[4]

Crane collapse[edit]

The collapsed crane of the north tower on the left, with dismantling efforts visible in the background.

In May 2009, a part of the crane on the north tower collapsed after it was overloaded. The crane, weighing 30 tons, was about 200 meters high. There were no injuries, but an Egyptian worker suffered from shock and was transported to a nearby hospital.[5] For three days following the collapse, families living near the site were evacuated to nearby hotels. The dismantling and removal of the broken crane began on Friday, 12 June 2009. Four additional cranes were bought to assist in the dismantling process. However, within a few months, the crane had been replaced with a new one and work was able to resume.[5]


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