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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Jordan Investment Board (JIB)
مؤسسة تشجييع الإستثمار
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Agency overview
Headquarters Amman Jordan
Coordinates: 31°57′53″N 35°53′5″E / 31.96472°N 35.88472°E / 31.96472; 35.88472
Agency executives
  • Hatem Al Halawani, Chairman
  • Dr. Khaled Abu Rabie, Acting CEO

Jordan Investment Board (JIB) is the national investment promotion agency of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The organization was founded in 1995, the year the Investment Promotion Law[1] was introduced, and is responsible for acquiring and providing professional consulting services to foreign and domestic investors who want to invest in the growing economy[2] of Jordan. One of the main targets is to distribute the benefits of investment among the population and geographically across the governorates by promoting sectors of strategic importance through incentives to investors. The promotion strategy includes targeted trade and promotion missions abroad and in Jordan, as well as participation in international conferences and forums. JIB also provides information about Jordan as a business location, assists in licensing and registration, and advises companies on all relevant issues. JIB has offices in China, USA, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.[3]

JIB Headquarters, Amman


JIB provides incentives to projects falling under strategic sectors, investment related information, highlights valuable investment opportunities in vibrant sectors, as well as project ideas, and selected pre-feasibility studies. Additionally, the organization liaisons between investors and both the Jordanian public and private sectors to assist in match making partnerships. JIB grants financial exemptions stipulated in the Investment Promotion Law (1995) which are exemptions from customs fee and sales taxes. JIB provides after-care services in order to ensure investor satisfaction in a continuous effort to enhance Jordan’s investment environment. JIB is also responsible for policy advocacy through surveying any challenges faced by investors and forwarding these concerns to the relevant parties.

Jordan Investment Map[edit]

The Investment Map Project is an initiative that provides investors with 150 project ideas, and pre-feasibility studies for 75 of them in thirteen sectors including: Agriculture, Apparel and Textiles, Chemicals, Construction, Education, Energy and Utilities, Food and Beverage, Health, Information and Communication Technology, Mining and Processing, Pharmaceutical products, and Tourism. Project concepts were derived from an extensive study of more than 30 sectors and sub sectors of Jordan during an analysis of the country’s economy. Thirteen sectors were then selected and assessed, followed with an integrated selection framework to choose the most promising sectors in terms of growth, sustainability and potential returns. Project concepts were born from a value chain analysis and workshops with industry experts and leaders.[4]

Branding and positioning Jordan[edit]

JIB prepared a creative state of the art advertising campaign to spread awareness through audio-visual channels and highlight Jordan’s offered opportunities.[5] The core message is a stable and secure economy with a world-class infrastructure supported by a modern legislation.


Once an investor decides to proceed with their investment they could visit JIB’s One-Stop-Shop, an approach to full service assistance for investors consisting of licensing and registration services. Through this service an investor can register and license his/her project in Jordan at one place within 14 days.

Benefiting investments[edit]


Investments Benefiting from the Investment Promotion Law
  • Industry/manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Maritime
  • Transport & railways
  • Leisure and recreational compounds
  • Convention and exhibition centers
  • Transport and distribution of water
  • Gas and oil
  • Call and contact centers
  • Research and development centers

Development Zones[edit]

In order to encourage investors to focus on areas which should serve as enabling platforms for specific sectors the several so called “Business/Development Zones” were created. These areas offer particular advantages from industry specific infrastructure; proximity to necessary human resources, as well was raw materials and attractive tax breaks. By enacting these laws the Government of Jordan provides the robust legal foundation to ensure a business friendly investment and operating environment.


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