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Jose Manuel Pelaez (born February 25, 1988) is a Peruvian actor. He is best known for portraying "El Gordo" in Mañana Te Cuento,[1] the most widely seen movie in Peru in the last ten years, and Mañana Te Cuento 2.

Jose was born on February 25, 1988 in Lima, Peru to a Spanish father and Peruvian mother. He grew up in Lima. In 2004, after three years of being part of Iñigo Acting Group, he was called by Gustavo Sanchez (well-known Peruvian producer) to act in what was going to be the most popular movie produced in Peru in the last ten years. After Mañana Te Cuento, he left to Oviedo, Spain to commence with his studies at the business school. While in Spain, he received an Erasmus scholarship to study in one of the top hundred business universities in Europe- the Universiteit Maastricht in Maastricht in the province of Limburg, The Netherlands. Before heading to Maastricht he received another call for an acting job in the sequel, Mañana Te Cuento 2. Currently[when?] he is finishing his studies focusing on business. Once graduated, he plans to enroll in the RESAD in Madrid, Spain.