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Joseph Bard (18 May 1892 – 1975), born József Diamant, was an expatriate Hungarian writer, known for a novel Shipwreck in Europe (1928) and short stories written in English, and as a literary editor. He settled in the United Kingdom, where he was later known as Joseph Bard. His background was Jewish and Hungarian.


He was born 18 May 1892 in Budapest, and left Hungary in 1922.[1] He was married to Dorothy Thompson from 1922 to 1927; and later married Eileen Agar in 1940. He had two children, George (b. 1911) and Valentine (b. 1913) by Jolan Weinberger. George perished in the Holocaust in Hungary. Valentine and her family emigrated to the U.S. after the Hungarian Revolution.

He was a friend and supporter of Ezra Pound, with whom he corresponded when Pound was confined to hospital.