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Diag Human is a Liechtenstein-incorporated blood plasma trading company, established by Swiss-Czech entrepreneur Josef Šťáva (born 17 March 1950 in Prague) in the 1980s.[1] The stated aim of the company was to help "currency-deficient Eastern Bloc states acquire modern blood plasma technology".[1]

Lawsuit against the Czech government[edit]

The company received media attention in the 1996, when it filed a lawsuit against the Czech government in Prague Commercial Court, for defamation and unfair competition. The company claimed that the Health Minister had contacted Novo Nordisk, a major business partner of Diag Human, to dissuade the company from doing business with them, which led to the failure of Diag Human's business in the country.[1] The two parties agreed to enter arbitration,[1] and the case became one of the largest cases of commercial litigation in the history of Czech Republic.[2][3] In 2008, the court found in favour of Diag Human, awarding around $650 million to the company.[1]


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