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Jump is a Korean comedic theatrical performance involving martial arts, acrobatics, and dance moves.


The plot involves a Korean family in Seoul preparing for a suitor for the daughter's hand. The family's efforts are at first frustrated by a drunken uncle and then by two bungling burglars. The suitor is a meek young man except when his glasses are removed. Thereupon, he is transformed into a martial arts power-house.


"JUMP" is the most famous comic martial art performance in Korea. The production company is Yegam Productions. Jumplasts about one hundred minutes. Besides performances in South Korea, Jump has been performed at various venues and places around the world, including HomePage : www.hijump.co.kr


The cast has included (in South Korea): Grandfather, Father, Mother, Daughter, Uncle, Son-in-low, Thief 1, Thief 2, Old Man.[2]


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