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White Flight is the solo project of Justin Roelofs, long time musician and former singer/songwriter/guitarist for The Anniversary. White Flight is both the album name and his artist name. Justin recorded "White Flight" at both a former neighbor and long-time childhood friend's house in Overland Park, KS and several locations around Lawrence, KS.

"White Flight" is an assembly of sounds, both electronic and vocal. Justin recorded the sounds shortly after returning from what he describes as an enlightening exploration of traditional medicinal and hallucinogenic plants in the jungle of Peru. Justin had never performed any of the project's music live and left the United States prior to the album's release; he has subsequently returned and performed live as White Flight.

The album was originally released for download only, complete with album art and a 'making of' video from the label Range Life Records. Range Life Records, created by long-time friend Zach Hangauer, became distributed by Saddle Creek Records in February 2007, making "White Flight" widely available through online retailers and the iTunes Store.

On February 26, 2007, Pitchfork Media gave the album a 5.5 out of 10, claiming that the album lacks substance, suffers from "hippie poetry", and is woefully disjointed. The review does praise the album as having "some genuinely interesting moments," however.

In 2009, an album was leaked online entitled "White Ark." Since this album was never released officially, it does not appear with the Discography section.

A single from "White Ark", entitled "Panther", was released January 2010 on Range Life Records.

Another single, "Children of the Light" was also released by Range Life Records in 2010. This single featured the songs "Children of the Light" and "Thunder Over Thunder," both from White Ark.

In 2014, White Flight recorded with E*vax (of Ratatat) a self-titled album called ABUELA. A song called Sapa was released for free on SoundCloud, and the True Colors single came out in February 2014 on the label Canvasback. This single included the songs "True Colors," and "Honeybeez."


  • White Flight (2007 · Range Life)
  • White Ark (2009 · Unreleased)
  • Panther (2010 Range Life)
  • Children of the Light (2010 Range Life)
  • "Panther"/"Children of the Light" 7" (2010, Make Mine)


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