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This article is about the comedy act of the Republic of Macedonia. For other uses, see K15.
Genre Comedy
Created by Vasko Todorov
Ljupčo "Bubo" Karov
Branko Ognjanovski
Country of origin Republic of Macedonia
Original language(s) Macedonian
Camera setup 1995- Present
Running time 4-10 min. one skit
Original network MTV, Sitel, A1, Kanal 5, Alfa
Original release 1994 – 2012
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K-15 is a popular Macedonian comedy show project established in the mid-1990s in Macedonia. It is mostly made up of episodes of short comedy sketches and spoofs on the Macedonian language. K-15 as a term is used for other projects with the group, such as the comical music of Duo Trio, different kinds of commercials or guest appearances in other shows and films such as Balkankan.

K-15 was formed by Vasko Todorov, Ljupčo "Bubo" Karov and Branko Ognjanovski, with frequent appearances of other actors/comedians. The three founders are also co-directors and co-producers.


The three characters decided to create a unique job opportunity for themselves - a weekly comedy show, not only providing them with a salary but also entertaining and making all those who live, know of or have experience with the social and cultural situation in Macedonia, laugh. The first episode was broadcast on November 23, 1994 on A1 TV.[1]

Since then, the show has provided strong social, political and economic criticism of various peculiar events in the Macedonian society, ethnic tolerance, stereotypes, taboo-topics and the environment. K-15 aired on many TV channels such as MTV 1, Sitel, A1, Alfa TV and K-15 TV. In 2008 the group decided to form their own independent channel known as K-15 TV. The channel airs predominately Macedonian music with occasional K-15 sketches and commercials. K-15 TV is available on the satellite network too. Also, they have their own YouTube channel with more than 900 videos.

Impact on society[edit]

The show is still running, as of 2013. This Macedonian comedy trio has helped pave the very narrow path of open-mindedness and embodiment of the concepts of freedom of thought, expression and opinion, while shattering a half century old tradition of self-righteousness, faux-perfectionism, and pretentiousness that stem from the one party social order of communism in the former Yugoslavia.

The fan base of K-15 is extremely wide in Macedonia. This is mainly fitting with the content of the jokes and skits of the show; problems and issues everyone can see first hand in their own community. Additionally, the show has also received a very large following outside of Macedonia as well, especially in the Macedonian diaspora in the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Australia.


  • Short excerpt from an essay on the Macedonian post-communist transition. By Igor Dabik

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