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Kagen no Tsuki ~Last Quarter (aka Last Quarter of the Moon)
Kagen no Tsuki DVD Jacket.jpg
Directed byKen Nikai
Written byKen Nikai
StarringChiaki Kuriyama
Hiroki Narimiya
Tomoka Kurokawa
Motoki Ochiai
Release date
  • 9 October 2004 (2004-10-09) (Japan)
Running time
112 min
Box office$1,577,524[1]

Kagen no Tsuki ~Last Quarter (下弦の月~ラスト・クォーター, Kagen no Tsuki ~Rasuto Kuōtā, also known as Last Quarter of the Moon) is a 2004 Japanese film directed by Ken Nikai, based on Ai Yazawa's manga of the same name.


Do you believe in love after death? On the eve of her 19th birthday, Mizuki (Kuriyama) doesn't have a lot to celebrate about. Her mother recently committed suicide, her stepfamily bothers her, her boyfriend has been cheating on her and her best friend has betrayed her. Hurt and disillusioned, Mizuki runs from everything and is drawn by some unknown force to a dilapidated estate. Deep within the house Mizuki discovers the mysterious Adam (Hyde), playing a hauntingly familiar melody on the guitar. Melancholy and full of secrets, it seems that Adam, and the house, have a strange, irresistible link to Mizuki. Can Mizuki's boyfriend and a couple of well-meaning schoolchildren uncover the secret of what happened 19 years ago and free Mizuki before the last quarter of the moon falls?

Differences from the manga[edit]

  • In the manga, there are four children who help Eve, they are: Hotaru Shiraishi (the only one able to see her in both the movie and the manga), Sae Kayama, Tetsu Sugisaki and Masaki Miura. While in the movie, only Masaki and Hotaru help her, but are later assisted by Tomoki.
  • In the manga, Mizuki called a taxi to get to Adam before the last quarter of the moon fell, this is where she hears him play Last Quarter, on the radio of the taxi. While in the movie, she simply runs to where he is, and never hears him play on the radio.
  • In the manga, Sayaka is 17 when she dies, Mizuki is 17 when she goes into the coma, and Mizuki's father/Adam gave her a ring(with the initials "S.K." imbedded inside it) for her 17th birthday. While in the movie, both girls were 19, and Tomoki/Adam gave a red gem necklace for their 18th birthday.
  • Adam's last name is never mentioned in the movie, his grave simply says:

Rest in Peace, Adam.

So where do I sail?
A ship losing control.
My cries swallowed up, lost in the raging sea.

So where has love gone?
Will I ever reach it?
The Cape Of Storms echoes the pain I feel inside.

  • Adam's last name is given in the manga as "Lang".


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