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For the modern municipality, see Kallindoia.

Kalindoia (Greek: Καλίνδοια)[1] was an ancient Bottiaean city in Mygdonia (modern Thessaloniki regional unit, Kalamoto village). Kalindoia is first reported in the Athenian-Bottiaean alliance of 422 BC and later in the Epidaurian list of Theorodokoi of 360/59 BC. The name of Theodorokos was Pausanias, possibly the same as Pausanias, the pretender to the Macedonian throne in 368 and 360 BC.[2] It was refounded as a Macedonian city in the late 4th century BC. A dedicatory inscription to Apollo was found at Toumbes Kalamotou; it records a list of priests of Asclepius (archpriest Agathanor) who had fulfilled their duties from the time when King Alexander gave Kalindoia to Makedones. Priests of Asclepius were frequently eponymous officials (archontes) in Macedon.

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Coordinates: 40°19′16″N 23°12′55″E / 40.3210°N 23.2152°E / 40.3210; 23.2152