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Died 1760
Residence Chota
Nationality Cherokee
Other names Old Hop, Standing Turkey
Title First Beloved Man
Predecessor Amouskositte
Successor Standing Turkey

Kanagatucko, known in English as Old Hop, (the Cherokee translates as Stalking Turkey),[1] was a Cherokee elder, serving briefly as the First Beloved Man of the Cherokee from 1753 until his death in 1760. Settlers of European ancestry referred to him as Old Hop.[2]

Old Hop was the uncle of Attakullakulla, who was better known as Little Carpenter.

Anthropologist and Native American historian Fred Gearing described Old Hop's career:

When Cherokees had differences among themselves, Old Hop had a great capacity to bring them together. Typically, he avoided making decisions himself... He was extremely cool-headed and patient with the more precipitate of the Cherokees around him. In short, Old Hop was the near-perfect embodiment of the Cherokee ideas about proper leadership behavior, that is, unusually circumspect.[3]

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Preceded by
First Beloved Man
Succeeded by
Standing Turkey