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Kani Ladies
FounderKarl Kani
ProductsApparel and Accessories

Kani Ladies is a fashion label for young women. It was launched in 2001 as a sister of the popular hip hop brand Karl Kani. Kani Ladies started with a small urban collection next to the men’s collection and was sold in the same stores as Karl Kani. In the following years, Kani Ladies evolved into an independent street fashion label for young women.


Karl Kani[edit]

In 1989 Karl Kani was launched as a Hip Hop fashion brand. Karl Kani (real name Carl Williams) was inspired by his passion for Hip Hop music and fashion and decided to design clothes that appealed to a large public. Including friends and celebrities from his hometown Brooklyn, New York.[1]

Karl Kani philosophy[edit]

Carl Williams symbolizes the “American Dream”. Karl realized his childhood dream of combining his passion for Hip Hop music and fashion. When Karl started his clothing line in Los Angeles, he had a rough start. The question that had obsessed him for years “ Can I do it?” remained unanswered. He kept asking himself: “Can I do it? Can I build a fashion empire? Can I become the ‘Ralph Lauren of the streets’?”

These questions provided the basis for his brandname, Kani, a variation on "Can I?". Karl replaced the “C” with a stylish “K” and ventured his own optimistic reply, Karl Kani.[2]

Karl used the expanding appeal of the men’s collection to launch a woman’s line and spread his positive message to ladies as well.

Kani Ladies[edit]

Kani Ladies was launched as part of the Karl Kani men’s collection with Hip Hop inspired clothes. The clothing appealed to urban women who enjoy sexy fashion and love Hip Hop music.

In 1998 Kani Ladies launched its first European collection. What started as a small collection next to the Karl Kani men collection has since evolved into an independent fashion label. With the slogan “Kani Ladies, for every moment in your glamorous life" Kani Ladies inspires young women.

In 2008 Kani Ladies has officially launched a lifestyle blog. The blog features news on fashion, beauty, gossip, music, well being and Kani Ladies.

Street Fashion Brand[edit]

Since its start the brand has crossed over to street fashion. Today Kani Ladies is an independent fashion brand that represents the glamorous girl next door. The brand has been featured in fashion magazines like Cosmogirl, Elle Girl and Glamour and TV shows like Idols. Kani Ladies has broadened its target group to young women who enjoy fashion and want their clothes to reflect their personality.

Kani Ladies modelling competition[edit]

Kani Ladies gives young women the chance to realize their dreams and win a photo shoot in Paris, France with Dutch photographer Ruud Baan.[3] A once in a lifetime experience where the winner will become the new face for the Kani Ladies Fall campaign 2009. The winner will also receive a V.I.P. invitation to the premiere of 'Notorious, the life and death story of legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G. And a Kani Ladies apparel package worth $ 1500. The competition runs until the 20 November 2008.[needs update]

Kani Ladies Fashion Blog[edit]

Kani Ladies also has a lifestyle blog with the latest in fashion, beauty, gossip, music, well being and Kani Ladies.[4]


Kani Ladies offers a wide range of jeans, dresses, shorts, tops and more. Besides clothing, the brand also includes jewelry, bags and shoes.


Kani Ladies is sold in selected stores in Europe.


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