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The Kansas City, Missouri The City Council meets on the 26th floor of Kansas City City Hall and its offices are on the 22nd floor

The City Council of Kansas City, Missouri, is the legislative body of the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Its offices are on the 24th floor of Kansas City City Hall and its legislative chambers are on the 26th floor. Its members represent the population of the more than 450,000 citizens of Kansas City, which is the largest city in Missouri. Kansas City is divided into 6 districts, based on population. Each district is assigned one council member, who is elected every four years by the members of that district. In addition to that, each district gets one at-large member, who represents the district but is elected by the voters of the entire city. Based on this formula, there are 12 members total. However, the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, also elected by the voters of the city every 4 years, presides over all meetings and has a vote at meetings, making him a member of the council as well. The council also appoints a mayor pro tem to serve as mayor in the event the real mayor is unable to perform his duties. Current membership on the council is:

Mayor: Sly James

1st District (The Eastern Northland and East Bottoms)

2nd District (The Western Northland)

3rd District (The East Side)

4th District (SW Northland, Downtown, Midtown, The Northeast, Country Club District (including the Plaza), UMKC)

5th District (The Southeast Side)

6th District (South Kansas City)


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