Cashan (Peru)

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For the city in Iran, see Kashan. For the Cashan Mountains in South Africa, see Magaliesberg.
Huantsán, Huamashraju, Cashan and Shacsha as seen from the west
Highest point
Elevation 5,716 m (18,753 ft)
Coordinates 9°33′26″S 77°21′20″W / 9.55722°S 77.35556°W / -9.55722; -77.35556Coordinates: 9°33′26″S 77°21′20″W / 9.55722°S 77.35556°W / -9.55722; -77.35556
Cashan is located in Peru
Location Peru, Ancash Region
Parent range Andes, Cordillera Blanca

Cashan,[1][2][3][4] Kashan[3] (possibly from Quechua kasha thorn or spine[5] -n a suffix) or Tijeraspunta[6] is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru, about 5,716 metres (18,753 ft) high.[1][6] It is located in the Ancash Region, Huaraz Province, in the districts of Huaraz and Olleros. Cashan lies southeast of the town of Huaraz, southwest of Huantsán, west of Uruashraju and northeast of Shacsha.[1]


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