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Kaufmann Font Spec.svg
Category Casual script
Designer(s) Max R. Kaufmann
Foundry American Type Founders
Re-issuing foundries Bitstream, Elsner+Flake, Linotype, Adobe Type, Scangraphic, Tilde, SIA, URW

Kaufmann is the name of a brush script typeface drawn in 1936 by Max R. Kaufmann for the American Type Founders (ATF). The stroke weight is monotone. Uppercase characters are freely drawn, while lowercase are more regular in height and width, recalling cursive handwriting. Lowercase characters are close fitting, effecting the look of a connecting script. The d is looped.

The fluid forms of both the upper- and lowercases, combined with an even weight of stroke, have made Kaufmann popular in neon sign fabrication.


A slightly modified form of the typeface has recently been used for the logo of the Pop Idol series and various international spinoffs. The most notable change is the long stylised flick added to the capital "A" in the American Idol, Australian Idol and Asian Idol logos. The "Z" featuring in the NZ Idol logo is also very different from a standard Kaufmann "Z".

Kaufmann was also used to display the players' names on Topps baseball cards from 1970 and 1994, and is featured on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, in the Late Show with David Letterman logo.


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