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Kearney & Company is a CPA firm established in 1985. It is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. It exclusively serves the federal government of the United States.[1] Kearney & Company are the 'independent auditors' of the United States Department of State.[2]

History of the company[edit]

Founded in 1985, in 2000 the company sold its commercial business to concentrate exclusively on the federal market.[3] The next decade saw a major increase in the company's business, with annual revenues rising from $5 million to close to $75 million, and staff numbers from thirty to over four hundred.[3] In December 2010 the company was named one of 'Washington's fastest-growing companies'.[4] The company was also among Accounting Today's '2010 Best Accounting Firms to Work For'.[5] In a statement of January 2011 CEO Edward F. Kearney opined "you must create your own demand by delivering … quality of service" and added "my style is to find the right players and give them space to do what they do well".[3] Kearney & Company sponsor the Federal Accounting Handbook, and Ed Kearney is one of the co-authors of this manual.[6] Kearney & Company display on their corporate website the American insignia of the bald eagle and the United States Capitol.[7]

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