Kenadsa Longwave Transmitter

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Kenadsa Longwave Transmitter is located in Algeria
Kenadsa Longwave Transmitter
Location of Kenadsa longwave transmitter in Algeria

The Kenadsa longwave transmitter is a longwave transmitter of the Algerian Broadcasting Company situated at Kénadsa near Béchar, which transmits the program of Chaine 1 with a power of 2000 kW on 153 kHz. Kenadsa longwave transmitter, among the most powerful broadcasting transmitters in the world, uses an antenna array of three 357-meter tall guyed masts, which are arranged in a line. In spite of its high power, and unlike the Tipaza Longwave Transmitter, Kenadsa broadcasts are difficult to receive in Europe. This occurs because its frequency is also used by powerful European broadcasting stations and as a result of signal attenuation caused by poor ground conductivity of the Sahara sand. It is currently the tallest structure in Algeria. Currently this transmitter is off.

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Coordinates: 31°34.1955′N 2°20.7001′W / 31.5699250°N 2.3450017°W / 31.5699250; -2.3450017