Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will

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This article is about Canadian television series. For the German propaganda film, see Triumph of the Will.
Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will
KennyHotz TriumphoftheWill.png
Genre Reality
Created by Kenny Hotz
Written by Kenny Hotz, Sebastian Cluer and Jeff Kassel
Directed by Sebastian Cluer & Kenny Hotz
Starring Kenny Hotz
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Jeff Kassel and Kenny Hotz
Editor(s) Marco Porsia
Running time 22 minutes
Original network Action
Audio format 5.1 Surround Sound
Original release July 22 – August 5, 2011 [1]
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Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will is a Canadian television series, which debuted on July 22, 2011, on Action.


Season 1 (2011)[edit]

# Airdate Title Information
1 July 22, 2011 "Rags to Bitches" Kenny sets out to see if the American Dream is alive and well in Las Vegas.
2 July 22, 2011 "Sowschwitz" Kenny tries to stop eating pork (one of his favorite foods) after learning about the intelligence of pigs.
3 July 29, 2011 "Children of Abraham" Kenny tries to get the Jewish community to help build a mosque.
4 July 29, 2011 "Take My Mom… Please!" Kenny helps his mother find love.
5 August 5, 2011 "The French ReConnection" Kenny tries to overcome his hatred for the people of France.
6 August 5, 2011 "Kennibal" Kenny tries to become a cannibal.

DVD releases[edit]

Season 1 was released on DVD (uncensored) on November 15, 2011, in Canada.[2]


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