Khalakhaljid Sands

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Battle of Khalkhaljid Sands
Part of Uniting the Mongol confederations
Date Early thirteenth century
Location Khalakhaljid Sands, Mongolia
Result Jamukha's (Jadaran) victory
Borjigin dynasty Jadaran tribe of Khamag Mongol confederation
Commanders and leaders
Ogedei (son)
Borokhula (general)
Jamukha (Temujin's anda)
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Ogedei wounded and missing Unknown

Khalakhaljid Sands was one of many battles which Genghis Khan fought to try to unify the tribes of Mongolia under one banner. The battle was against Jamukha, who had risen against Genghis. Genghis lost this battle, and his son Ogedai was missing and wounded on the battlefield. The Secret History of the Mongols states that Genghis's adopted brother and companion Borokhula rescued Ogedai after the battle.