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Kyiv confectionery factory "Roshen"
Privately held company
FounderValentin Yefimov
Number of employees
3 000
ParentRoshen Confectionery Corporation
WebsiteKyiv Confectionery Factory

Kyiv confectionery factory "Roshen" (Ukrainian: Київська кондитерська фабрика "Рошен"), formerly known as the Karl Marx Kiev Confectionery Factory[1] (Ukrainian: Київська кондитерська фабрика імені Карла Маркса) is the largest confectionery company in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the most important subdivision of the Roshen Confectionery Corporation.[2]


Kiev Roshen Factory in the New Year 2012

The factory was founded in 1874 by Valentin Yefimov. In 1923, it was named after Karl Marx by the Soviet authorities in order to celebrate his 105th anniversary. Petro Poroshenko acquired control over the factory soon after its privatization in the 1990s, making it the basis for the future Roshen Corporation; a major modernization with Western equipment followed.

It is unclear when exactly Roshen decided to officially rename the factory dropping the "Karl Marx" part.


The factory produces more than 100 different products of confectionery, including a variety of chocolate bars, candies, cakes, cookies, and fruit jellies. Among the factory's best-known brands are: "Kyivsky" cake; "Kyiv Vechirniy" chocolate and nut candies; "Chaika", "Teatralnyi" and "Alionka" plain chocolate bars and other products.


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