Kim Liên

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Kim Liên
Kim Liên is located in Vietnam
Kim Liên
Kim Liên
Location in Vietnam
Coordinates: 18°53′N 105°19′E / 18.883°N 105.317°E / 18.883; 105.317Coordinates: 18°53′N 105°19′E / 18.883°N 105.317°E / 18.883; 105.317
Country Vietnam
Province Nghệ An Province

Kim Liên is a large village and commune in the Nam Đàn District of Nghệ An Province in Vietnam. Kim Lien is the childhood home of former president Ho Chi Minh and his parents' house there is the site of the Kim Liên museum.[1] The village is also called Sen.[2]


The name of the village means "Gold-Lilly", and the district "South-Sandalwood" in Sino-Vietnamese characters (, ).


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