Kim Mi-jung (judoka)

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Kim.
Kim Mi-Jung
Personal information
Born March 29, 1971 (1971-03-29) (age 46)
Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do
Korean name
Hangul 김미정
Revised Romanization Kim Mi-jeong
McCune–Reischauer Kim Mi-jŏng

Kim Mi-Jung (born March 29, 1971 in Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do) is a retired female South Korean judoka. She was a shot putter in high school but changed to be a judoka at the age of 17, and in a year Kim was selected to be a member of the South Korean national judo team in 1989.

Next year, Kim won bronze at the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, and in 1991 she became her first world champion in the 72 kg division at the World Championships in Barcelona.

At the 1992 Summer Olympics she finally won the Olympic gold medal in the women's Half Heavyweight (-72 kg) category.

She also won a silver medal in the -72 kg division at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, where women's judo was held as a demonstration sport.

Kim retired from competitive judo after winning the Asian Game gold medal in 1994. She has been serving as a judo coach and professor for Yong-In University, South Korea.