King Salmon (video game)

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King Salmon
North American cover art
Developer(s) HOT・B
Sage's Creation[1]
Publisher(s) Vic Tokai
Composer(s) Masaharu Iwata
Platform(s) Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
  • JP: September 26, 1992
  • NA: March 21, 1993[2]
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player

King Salmon (キングサーモン) is a 1992 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive fishing video game that was developed by HOT・B/Sage's Creation and was released by Vic Tokai in North America.


Players participate in a big fishing derby; and spend a day catching as many king salmon as possible. Many activities of real-life fishing are included like driving the boat, assembling the lure onto the fishing rod and overcome a motley crew of fishermen at the same time.[1]

As players become successful in catching fish, they become stronger and more adept fishermen themselves. This system operates similar to a role-playing video game.[1] Players can choose between a leisurely fishing trip that involves the "fun" aspect of fishing on a sunny afternoon or a championship mode where the game's story takes effect.[3] One of the settings in the game is Vancouver Island; one of the places where king salmon are abundant.

Passwords allow players to resume where they left off.[4]


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