Prince of Dai

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Prince of Dai or King of Dai (代王) may refer to:

Han dynasty[edit]

Sixteen Kingdoms[edit]

  • Tuoba Yilu (died 316), chieftain of the Tuoba tribe appointed Duke of Dai, then Prince of Dai by Western Jin
  • Tuoba Pugen (died 316), son of Tuoba Yilu
  • Tuoba Yulü (died 321), killed in a coup d'état by Tuoba Heru
  • Tuoba Heru (died 325), succeed after coup, son of Tuoba Yituo
  • Tuoba Yihuai (died 338, 337–338), son of Tuoba Yulü
  • Tuoba Shiyijian (320–376), younger brother of Tuoba Yihuai, last Prince of Dai, and grandfather of Emperor Daowu of Northern Wei

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