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KingsGate Community Church is a large, contemporary, community focused Christian church, based in Peterborough, Cambridge and Leicester, England.[1] Its first service in 1988, held in a house, was attended by just nine people, and today it has a congregation of over 1,600.[2] KingsGate represents people with different backgrounds, all ages and over 50 different nationalities. In 2006, the congregation moved into its new, £7m, 84,000sq ft building, which in addition to meeting rooms, offices, kitchen facilities and children's rooms, contains an auditorium which will eventually seat 1,800 people.[3] In September 2010, KingsGate launched a new centre in Cambridge, which meets every Sunday at 10:30am West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge and in February 2014 KingsGate launched a new centre in Leicester, which meets every Sunday at 4:30pm at the City of Leicester College, Leicester.

A service from the church was broadcast live on the BBC in May 2009.[4]

A church mission to Swaziland to work with orphans included doctor Myles Bradbury, who was later convicted of sexually abusing children in the course of his work in Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. The church informed police of his involvement in the mission, but police found no evidence that he had abused children while on the mission.[5]


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