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Daedong-USA, Inc.
Kioti Tractor Division
HeadquartersWendell, NC US
ProductsCompact tractors, utility vehicles, and attachments
ParentDaedong Industrial Company, Ltd
Kioti Mechron 2200 UTV – "ultimate transport vehicle"

Kioti Tractor (/kˈti/ "coyote") is the trade name for Daedong tractors in North America and Europe. Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd., which is based in Daegu, South Korea, was founded in 1947,[1] producing its first tractor in 1968. In 1993, Daedong expanded into the US market with Daedong-USA, Inc. and established the Kioti Tractor brand.[2] Currently, Kioti Tractor markets over 40 different tractor models in the United States and Canada, ranging from 22 to 110[3] horsepower, zero turn mowers, as well as five utility vehicle models, and a number of attachments and implements.

Daedong-USA, Inc. Kioti Tractor Division[edit]

Daedong-USA, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd. specializing in the manufacture and distribution of tractors, UTVs, attachments, and implements. Since the first Kioti was introduced in the U.S. in 1986, Kioti has experienced rapid growth. In 1993, Daedong officially expanded into the North American market when Daedong-USA, Inc. was formed and Kioti Tractor was headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina.[2] In 2004, Kioti opened their new North American headquarters in Wendell, North Carolina[2] which includes the parts, service, and fulfillment center. Currently, Kioti Tractor distributes products through an expanding North American dealer network of more than 350 dealers.

Company time line[edit]


  • Introduced the first Kioti compact tractor in the U.S.


  • Daedong-USA, Inc. was formed and Kioti Tractor was headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina


  • Kioti introduced the DK45, the first DK Series compact tractor


  • Kioti introduced the KL Series loaders, KB Series backhoes, and KR Series mowers


  • Expanded implement line to include mid-mount mowers, tillers, and bale spears


  • Kioti introduced the CK20, the first CK Series compact tractor
  • Expanded implement product lines to include aerators, rotary cutters, rakes, box and rear blades and more


  • Kioti opened their new North American headquarters in Wendell, North Carolina
  • The CK25, CK25 HST, CK30 and CK30 HST were introduced


  • Kioti opened the South West Regional Distribution Center in Mexia, Texas
  • Kioti introduced the newly designed DK45S and DK65S, in the DK Series tractors


  • Kioti introduced the DK45SE HST, the first DKSE Series tractor with advanced technology


  • Kioti introduced their four-year full fleet warranty
  • The DK75, utility tractor was introduced


  • The DS Series economy tractors were introduced.
  • The DKSE Series was expanded to 10 tractor models


  • Kioti introduced the DK45SE Cab, DS4110HS, and the DS4510HS
  • Implement line was introduced including three-point tillage equipment and mowers


  • Kioti celebrated 25 years of service in North America
  • Introduced the Mechron 2200 utility vehicle, UTV attachments, CK Series compact Kab, DS3510, and the first RX series tractor, the RX6010C


  • The CS2410 subcompact tractor and the RX6010PC utility tractor with hydraulic power shuttle were introduced


  • Kioti introduced the new CK2510 and CK2510HS, the first in the CK10 Series.
  • The new NX series is announced which includes 45 – 60HP Cab models available with Synchro Shuttle and Hydrostatic Transmissions.
  • The new RX Series models ranging from 66 – 73HP became available with synchronized, power shuttle, and power shuttle with creeper transmissions and a choice of ROPS or cab


  • Kioti completed an extensive update to its parts warehouse in an effort to increase efficiencies and better serve customers and dealerships
  • NAEDA awards Kioti with gold level status for exceptionally high dealer rating levels as part of NAEDA's manufacturer recognition program[4]
  • The PX9020 was announced as the first PX Series model.
  • The first DK10 Series models were introduced, including the DK4510/H, DK5510/H
  • New NX ROPS models were introduced ranging from 45 – 60HP


  • New utility vehicles were introduced, including the Mechron 2200PS and 2240 two-row utility vehicles
  • NAEDA awarded Kioti with gold level status for exceptionally high dealer rating levels as part of NAEDA's manufacturer recognition program[5]
  • Kioti debuted four new CK10 Series models, including the CK3510/H and CK4010/H


  • Kioti celebrated its 30th anniversary
  • Kioti expanded the field option cab series to suit new and existing models in the CS Series, CK10 Series, DK10 Series, and UTVs
  • A new drive-over mid-mount mower compatible with the CK2510/H was introduced
  • The CS2210 and CS2510 were added to the CS Series sub-compact line
  • The EDA awarded Kioti with gold level status for exemplary ratings as part of their Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey[6]

Daedong Industrial Group[edit]

Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd.[edit]

Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Daegu, South Korea, makes mechanized farming equipment.[7]

Daedong-USA, Inc. Kioti Tractor Division[edit]

The U.S. subsidiary of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. specializing in the distribution of tractors, utility vehicles, attachments, and implements established in 1993.[8]

Daedong Metal Co., Ltd.[edit]

Foundry to manufacture main casting parts of agricultural machinery and automobiles.

Daedong Gear Co., Ltd.[edit]

Specialized in all kinds of gears for agricultural, industrial machines, machine tools, vessels, special equipment, etc.

Hankuk Chain Industrial Co., Ltd.[edit]

Manufactures various kinds of chains for conveyors, forklifts, and other purposes. Sub-compact tractor and UTVs have been manufactured since 2000 here.

Daedong Training Center[edit]

A facility for the training of dealers, end-users, and employees.

Daedong Kioti Europe[edit]

A subsidiary of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd., Kioti has grown into one of the best-known compact tractor brands in Europe.

Daedong China[edit]

Established in 2007, Daedong China specializes in the production of combine harvesters and rice transplanters.

Product line[edit]


  • CS Series[9]
  • CK10 Series 25-40 hp[10]
  • DK10 Series 45-55 hp[11]
  • NX Series 45-60 hp[12]
  • RX Series 60-73 hp[13]
  • PX Series 90 hp[14]

Utility vehicles[edit]

  • Mechron 2200
  • Mechron 2200PS
  • Mechron 2240
  • Mechron K9 2400





  • Mowers and cutters
  • Tillage equipment
  • Three-point equipment
  • Hay tools
  • UTV attachments


  • Field option cabs
  • UTV accessories
  • Sunshades
  • Grill guards
  • Brush guards

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