Kit 'n' Carlyle

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Kit 'n' Carlyle
Author(s) Larry Wright
Current status / schedule Active
Launch date December 1, 1980[1]
End date November 7, 2015[2]
Syndicate(s) Newspaper Enterprise Association (United Media)
Genre(s) Animals, humor

Kit 'n' Carlyle is an American daily comic strip. It was started in 1980 by Larry Wright, who was also the editorial cartoonist for The Detroit News. The single-panel strip is syndicated by Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc. Its gags center on a single woman named Kit and her cat, Carlyle.[3] The name is a word play on the name of actress Kitty Carlisle. The strip's run ended on November 7, 2015 as a result of Wright announcing his retirement.[2]


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